About RPS Public School Charkhi Dadri

Rao Pahlad Singh (RPS) Public School Dadri, situated in the lap of nature, is a school that was founded on the vision of spreading value-based education to every corner of the country. The vision spearheaded by Dr. O. P. Yadav, a well known advocate and educationist, is also committed passionately to the cause of quality education. This vision takes shape under the dynamism of Worthy Chairperson Dr. Pavitra Rao and in the forth coming future, the institute would be a model of quality education throughout the length and breadth of the state. In fact the school has been rooting records of its achievements for the last 23 years. 

RPS has proved that private enterprise in education can produce the greatest results with no strain on the country’s exchequer. In spite of being in rural area, it has produced students who are self-reliant, confident, versatile, with the courage of conviction and endowed with a spirit of adventure and creativity. Above all, good human beings, who are upright citizens with a strong moral fiber, are ready to be the torchbearers of a resurgent India of the 21st century which again proves that all you need is the right vision, determination, altruism and sound management.