From Principal's Desk


Every passing year adds to our growth and development. Moving from neo- natal to the toddlers and onto the childhood stage our growth has been phenomenal and surely, not without toil.

Much research and training in the early years have gone into the making of  RPS.

For teaching-learning process has not made us oblivious of the soft skills. Emphasis is laid on personality development, character-building, moral values and imparting of life-skills. This has kept at bay, the related problems of interpersonal relationship, degrading moral values, high level of stress, unhealthy competition and instant gratification of desires, low ethical surrender, reckless living and belief in justifying all means to attain  a noble end. It is no doubt that what RPS develops are well rounded personalities, fine tuned to meet the demands of modern life.

May lord always guide and bless us in our noble endeavor.