Medical Room


School health is an important branch of Community Health Nursing. According to modern concept, health services is an economical and powerful means of raising community health, and more important, in future generation the school health service is a personal health service. It has developed during the past 70 yrs from the narrower concept of medical examination of children to the present –day broader concept of comprehensive care of the health and wellbeing of children throughout the school years.

The beginning of school health services in India dates back to 1909, when for the first time medical examination of school children was carried out in Baroda city. Since then good schools have started with keeping First- Aid boxes, then appointing paramedical staff, for kids & girls a female nurse & necessary medicines of general use in consultation with a regular medical personnel.

RPS Public School Charkhi Dadri is providing this necessary facility to all its students from the first day itself. A well equipped 2 bedded medical room with a trained female nurse. Any medical emergency from class to ground is immediately handled & taken care. Parents are informed then & there.