About RPS Society

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RPS, with the motto “Service Before Self”, have been serving the Society in the field of education for the last 23 years. There are presently as many as 17 organizations under its aegis inside India. The growing number of schools under this umbrella signifies how the need to provide meaningful education to a large number of children, desirous of growing into educated and liberated human beings, has been fulfilled. Founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, culled from the various walks of life, the organizations have always guided their member schools on the path of progress with their visionary approach & lofty ideas. Consequently, RPS have become significant portals of learning and growth for young minds. Our credo is to provide an all round development and a sound moral base. Fostering character building and nurturing the inquisitive spirit of children, encouraging scientific temperament & strengthening social bonds, are our constant endeavors. Surging ahead with a spirit of healthy competition, balancing a successful career teamed with a contented life, is the gift we give to all our children. Guiding us in this effort of ours is Dr. Pavitra Rao, Chairman RPS Society, who is our constant beacon and source of strength.

School Philosophy

The schools of the RPS Society are centres where :  

  • We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century. RPS students are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology and also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture in its pristine form.
  • RPS students are equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement by being prepared linguistically and culturally for them. The concept of enlightened citizen of the world will be the backdrop of all their endeavours.
  • RPS Students will be carefully sensitized to environmental concerns, the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.
  • RPS schools are available to the best minds at the most reasonable and affordable cost. No deserving and talented child will find the doors of RPS closed because of financial disability. Special efforts are made through resource centres for children with special needs. Education of the marginalised children is being ensured through non-formal learning centres, RPS Shikhsa Kendras.

The RPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of our philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement, our mission. Strong in tradition we have evolved as a matrix of networking among the state, national and international educational institutions.


In the last 23 years RPS has produced a galaxy of eminent men and women, who have brought glory to it, not only in India but abroad as well.


Our Vision

Schools of the RPS Society are places where 

  • The intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
  • Student achievement is acknowledged and celebrated within the schools and the community.
  • Students are prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiry and keen competition.
  • Students are encouraged to contribute to decisions about their own future through school appointments and school organizations, career guidance and counseling services, that help them crystallize their goals.
  • There is a high level of co-operation and support between the parents and the schools.

Quality Management

Quality in both academic responsibilities and accomplishments is excellence that endures. The RPS Society, as the nation largest collaborator of national and international educational enterprise has evolved a system of education based on both progress and partnership, with a qualitative dimension that is shared. This in essence is its goal, its strategy and its mission.